More About how the Miniature Pincher and the Doberman Pincher ARE NOT RELATED

Like I had said in my last post (if you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest go do it) we learned that the Miniature Pincher and the Doberman Pincher are completely different dogs. Now we are going to talk about how their characteristics are different. First of all, the Min Pin (that’s what I call them) is a one person dog, but can be trained to be a family dog (it is very hard), they also are guard dogs. The Doberman Pincher is a family dog, and also a guard dog. As we see here are differences and similarities, they are both guard dogs, but one is a family dog and the other isn’t.  There are also many other differences and similarities between these dogs, but that doesn’t mean they are related. Saying that these dogs are related is like saying that the dachshund and the Rottweiler are the related, which they aren’t.

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1 Important thing About the Miniature Pincher that is being Hidden Away

Here is a question for you, “was the Doberman Pincher bred BEFORE the Miniature Pincher? Or was it the opposite? ” What do you think? Well if you said that the Doberman Pincher was bred before the mini companion, you were wrong. For those that had chose the opposite, well done! You know your Miniature Pincher facts! But those that don’t know why that they were wrong, take a seat. The Miniature Pincher was bred to be a guard dog in Germany back in the 1800s. There was one man who wanted a bigger “version” of these tiny, aggressive little dogs. That is where the Doberman Pincher came in, after breeding many dogs, the Doberman Pincher was bred. This isn’t the answer to your question, the answer to your question is that the Doberman Pincher was bred from COMPLETELY different dogs than the Miniature Pincher! The sad thing about this is that so little know about this, which is why I created this site.

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Miniature Pincher Breed Facts and Training Techniques

Miniature Pinchers are loyal companions, and if they are trained right, they can be the most well behaved dog <3. Min Pins need proper care, and lots of exercise.  I let my Min Pin run in my backyard for about 30 minutes a day and then he is pretty worn out the rest of the day. Since Min Pins have guard dog in them, they will be very protective over their owner, so I suggest if they start barking at someone, tap them on the nose or block them from being able to see the thing they are barking at. Min Pins also don’t really get along with other dogs to well, or at least mine doesn’t anyway. I suggest if your planning on adopting one and you have other dogs…. before adopting bring your dogs to the kennel or wherever the Min Pin is being held, and let them sniff and see how they get along. This is a breed fact I learned recently, the Min Pin is not related to the Doberman Pincher! They are 2 completely different dog breeds. If someone tells you this is wrong, tell them to learn their dog facts better! If none of these are working well for you or your dog, I suggest checking out Cesar Millan. I do hope that some of these work for you, so far they have worked for me.

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